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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Los AngelesA root canal treatment may be recommended to preserve the structure and function of a severely damaged or decayed tooth. When a tooth is fractured or severely decayed, the internal structures can become damaged. In some cases, bacteria may access these internal structures, which can result in infection. Dr. Setti, Los Angeles root canal treatment expert, may recommend a root canal treatment if you:

•    Have a fractured tooth
•    Have a severely decayed tooth or a cavity that is close to the pulp of the tooth
•    Need a dental crown
•    Have an abscessed tooth
•    Have an infected tooth

Root canal treatments have gotten an unjustified bad reputation over the years, perhaps because of an assumed expectation of pain with the procedure itself.  This expectation could not be further from reality.  The most common comment Dr. Setti’s patients offer following the procedure is, “That’s it?” Root canal treatments are invaluable because they can often save teeth that would otherwise require extraction.   Dr. Setti, expert in root canal treatment in Los Angeles, understands the need for extremely gentle patient care this and can make recommendations that can ensure your comfort and relaxation all along the way.

Root Canal Treatment Los Angeles

If you are a candidate for root canal therapy, Dr. Setti, Los Angeles root canal treatment expert, will begin with an oral evaluation. Dental X-rays and other diagnostics may be taken to identify the roots and the extent of the problem. The area around your tooth will be numbed, and the infected or damaged tissue will be removed. After the infection has been removed, a medicated material will be applied to the tooth, and a temporary filling will be placed.

Dr. Setti, expert in root canal treatment in Los Angeles, will usually perform the final restoration at a later appointment. A permanent filling or a porcelain crown will need to be placed to protect and restore the tooth’s strength and function. After treatment, your tooth should feel lots better. If you had significant inflammation or infection, you may continue to experience some temporary residual discomfort but even with this, you should feel much better than before.  Our dentist may provide you with medication to promote recovery and keep you comfortable.

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