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Laser Dentistry

Laser DentistryLaser dentistry, which has been approved by the FDA, has been used for two decades and has a long record of safety and effectiveness. Lasers work by using light energy to vaporize unhealthy tissues, to cure a filling or for other reasons. Dr. Setti, our Los Angeles laser dentistry expert, uses laser to clear away decayed enamel, remove bacteria during root canal treatments, reshape gum tissues, biopsy soft tissues for cancer, or accelerate in-office teeth whitening procedures.

The dental health needs of each patient are unique. When properly used, lasers can play a role in your treatment and can help you achieve the healthy smile of your dreams. In many cases, dental lasers offer a more comfortable treatment process, which reduces the need for anesthesia. Additionally, swelling and bleeding can be reduced during soft tissue treatments. Dr. Setti, our expert in laser dentistry in Los Angeles, can also reduce the need for dental drills with dental lasers, which can help many patients feel more comfortable.


Laser Dentistry Los Angeles

Dr. Setti, our Los Angeles laser dentistry expert, can help you determine if laser dentistry is right for you. We use dental lasers in many of the same ways we use traditional drills. Whether you are having a deep cleaning procedure, a root canal or periodontal treatments, laser dentistry offers a faster, more comfortable treatment alternative. The dental laser can be used to target the treatment area precisely and minimize the risks to healthy tooth tissues. When used on soft tissues, there is a lessened risk for pain, post-procedure infection and other complications.

If you are a candidate for laser dentistry, Dr. Setti, our expert in laser dentistry in Los Angeles, will design a treatment plan that fits your needs and your lifestyle. Your recovery time may be reduced because the laser sterilizes the gums and teeth as the treatment is performed, and the lack of vibrations offers greater physical and emotional comfort throughout the process.

Laser dentistry is versatile, safe and effective. Contact our office today to find out if it is right for you or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Setti, our Los Angeles dentist.