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DiagnodentGetting a healthy smile often requires not just regular dental visits and good dental hygiene but also advanced diagnostics that allow us to intervene earlier than ever to protect and preserve your smile. Our Los Angeles Diagnodent expert incorporates the latest technologies and procedures whenever appropriate to ensure that we are able to diagnose problems when they are at their most treatable stages.

Our expert in Diagnodent in Los Angeles uses a small laser called the Diagnodent, or laser tooth scanner. This tool quickly and effectively scans your teeth using a light rather than X-rays to locate hidden decay before it can damage the internal structures of the tooth. While external decay has become less common as a result of improved dental techniques and widespread fluoride use, internal decay can be harder to spot.


Diagnodent Los Angeles

Decay can develop inside the tooth as a result of microscopic defects in the enamel. However, once oral bacteria are able to access the inner structures of the tooth, they can easily spread and damage the tooth from the inside out, necessitating root canal therapy or even dental extraction. Using the Diagnodent can help our Los Angeles Diagnodent expert diagnose internal decay before it can significantly damage the tooth. The Diagnodent is about the size of a penlight and scans over the tooth. An alarm signals any areas of concern and uses a number scale to reveal the extent of the problem.

Dental X-rays have long been the most common way to identify hidden decay, but X-rays have limitations. They may not be able to spot the beginning of decay or the earliest stages of a cavity. If decay is allowed to continue unchecked inside the tooth, the consequences can be severe. By identifying the problem early, our expert in Diagnodent in Los Angeles can offer more conservative treatment options and reduce the need for extensive or expensive dental treatments and significant tooth damage or loss.

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