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Dental Bonding


Dental BondingDental bonding is a fast, extremely effective way to perform minor cosmetic adjustments to your smile. It can be used alone or with enamel contouring for dramatic improvements on teeth with chips, cracks, discolorations or other flaws. Dr. Setti, our Los Angeles dental bonding expert, can often complete treatment in just one appointment.


Our expert in dental bonding in Los Angeles may recommend dental bonding for cosmetic and functional issues, particularly if you have a tooth that is decayed in a visible part of your smile. One of the easiest and most affordable cosmetic dental procedures, dental bonding uses tooth-colored resin that is applied directly to the tooth. Unlike many other cosmetic restorations, bonding does not have to be manufactured in a dental laboratory but can instead be performed directly in our office.


Unless dental bonding is being used as an alternative to amalgam fillings, it generally requires no extra preparation of the tooth. In some cases, you may not even need anesthesia. Dr. Setti, Los Angeles dental bonding expert, will match a special dental resin with the color of your teeth. If there is decay, it will be removed, and the tooth will be gently etched to create a roughened surface. A conditioning liquid that acts much like a primer will be applied to facilitate a stronger bond. The bonding resin will be applied in layers, molded, and then smoothed into the proper shape. Once the bonding material has been applied, it will be cured and polished to match the lustrous surface of your other teeth.


Dental Bonding Los Angeles


The procedure often takes less than an hour, and the restoration can be used immediately. However, you may need to avoid certain staining substances for the first day or two after having the bonding done to reduce the risks of discoloration. Good brushing and flossing habits combined with frequent professional cleanings can help keep your dental bonding looking great. Dr. Setti, expert in dental bonding in Los Angeles, may provide you with further instructions.


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